Stonewise is a small, community-based, family-focused craft mead and cider maker and taproom in Pahrump, NV.  We offer draft meads and ciders produced on-site that are crisp, refreshing, “sessionable” (less than 7% ABV), and served by the glass straight from our own taps.  

Our meads and ciders are now available to go with curbside pick-up!

Taproom Information

Hours (Temporary for COVID-19)

Thursday: 4:30pm – 7pm

Friday: 4:30pm – 7pm

Saturday: 3:30pm – 7pm

Sunday: 3:30pm – 6pm

Monday: By Appt.

Tuesday: By Appt.

Wednesday: By Appt.


Address: 421 S Frontage Rd, Ste 2, Pahrump NV 89048

Call or Text: 775-GOT-MEAD (775-468-6323)


Age: You must be at least 21 to purchase/consume alcohol.  We welcome those under 21 (such as families, kids, babies) to visit our taproom with parents or guardians to enjoy games, our kids’ area, and our non-alcoholic snacks and beverages (e.g., soda, seltzer, juice). 

IDs: We require valid identification to purchase/consume alcohol.  Valid identification is current (non-expired), government-issued, and contains your photo and birth date (e.g., driver’s license, state ID, military ID, passport).

Food: While we do have some small snacks available for purchase, you are invited to bring your own food to enjoy with our drinks. We also encourage you to order takeout or delivery from any of Pahrump’s food establishments!

Drinks: In accordance with Nevada law, no outside alcoholic drinks may be brought to or consumed at Stonewise.

Smoking: In accordance with state law, there is no smoking or vaping of ANY substances allowed at Stonewise or in our patio area.  There is a small walkway nearby where you may smoke non-marijuana containing products, but you are not allowed to remove open containers of alcohol from our establishment.  Smoking or vaping marijuana on the premises is strictly forbidden.

Tours, Groups, & Parties: For information about hosting small groups, tours, or private events, please contact us here.

What's On Tap?

Updated: September 18, 2020

Off-dry “hydromel” (low-ABV mead) made from wildflower and orange blossom honeys.

Off-dry “melomel” (fruit mead) made from wildflower honey, orange blossom honey, and pineapple.

Sweet melomel made from wildflower honey, blue agave, lime, and a hint of orange.

Off-dry “melomel” made from wildflower honey, orange blossom honey, and elderberry.

Sweet mead made from wildflower & orange blossom honeys, pineapples, and oranges.

Off-dry mead made from wildflower & orange blossom honeys, Chinook HOPs, PINEeapple, and habaNEROs.

Off-dry, modern cider made from table apples.

Sweet, modern apple cider made with cranberries.

Semi-sweet, modern cider made from apples and orange blossom honey with malic acid for a sour blast!

Semi-sweet, modern cider made from apples and aronia berries (better known as chokeberries).

Semi-sweet, modern cider made from apples, sweet cherries, and fresh habaneros.

Pale Ale style cyser (apple mead) made from apples, orange blossom honey, Cascade hops, and Chico ale yeast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are meads and ciders?
Mead, also known as “honeywine,” is a broad category of alcoholic beverages fermented from honey.  Likewise, cider is the alcoholic beverage fermented from apples.

What does “fermented” mean?
In this context, fermentation is the process by which yeast convert sugars to ethanol and carbon dioxide.  All alcoholic beverages start with fermentation.

How are meads and ciders different from beer and wine?
These different terms come from the source of sugar.  Actually, the easiest way to think about meads and ciders is to compare them to other alcoholic beverages, both known and unknown:

Sugar sourceResulting drink

What are you serving right now? 
Check above, under “What’s On Tap?

Do you allow children/minors? 
Absolutely!  We welcome those under 21 (such as families, kids, babies) to visit our taproom with parents or guardians to enjoy games, our kids’ area, and our non-alcoholic snacks and beverages (e.g., soda, seltzer, juice).

Why do you close so early? 
Our taproom is a place for grown-ups to enjoy a civilized drink with family and friends. Closing on the early side allows us to preserve this atmosphere.

Do you have a patio? 
Yes! Weather permitting, the covered area directly in front of our windows has tables and chairs for your enjoyment.

How can I be an excellent patio patron? 
We are so happy you asked! 

Briefly, excellent patrons are polite, considerate of others, and do nothing that will cause Nye County to regret giving Stonewise a liquor license.

More specifically:
Good patrons return empty glassware from the patio to the bar, and they NEVER steal glassware.
– They do not remove open containers of alcohol from the patio area (covered area in front of our windows) lest they jeopardize Stonewise’s liquor license and our very existence.  They especially do not carry alcoholic beverages to another establishment under any circumstances.
– They are understanding when the bartender asks to see each person (and their IDs) who is ordering an alcoholic drink to be sure they are not under 21 or visibly intoxicated.
– Good patrons do not smoke at Stonewise (instead, they go to the walkway between Chatthai and Precious Tattoos), they put cigarette butts in the butt receptacles, not on the ground, and they especially do not smoke or vape marijuana on the premises (as this is completely illegal and very much frowned upon by the federal government and will get you permanently banned from Stonewise). 
– They do not consume alcoholic beverages not served to them by the bartender, including cans or bottles purchased in the taproom for off-site consumption.

Do you allow dogs?
We allow well-behaved, quiet dogs on the patio.  Dogs MUST be on a leash.  They are NOT allowed in the taproom, no matter how cute or tiny they may be.

Do you serve food? 
While we do have some small snacks available for purchase, you are invited to bring a picnic, order takeout next door, or have delivery from any of Pahrump’s other food establishments!  Please bring your own napkins and utensils, because we may not have any.

Do you plan to serve food?
Not really. We make alcohol for a living and have no interest in running a kitchen.

What do you serve?
We serve all of our current meads and ciders (usually 10-12 choices) on tap by the glass or in flights.  We have several flavors of Honest juice boxes for kids, craft sodas on tap, and water is always free.

Do you do drinks to go?
Yes, we sell 11.1 oz cans of our meads and ciders, filled to order, at the tap room. Choose a mix-and-match 4-pack for a “Flight to Go.”  Additionally, as we do not yet have Stonewise branded growlers, we will also fill your clean, well-maintained growler and, for the time being, we don’t care whose name is on the outside! 

When will you bring back my favorite mead or cider? 
Unfortunately, it’s the very nature of mead and cider that honey and fruit flavors change from one season to the next.  As small-batch producers, our focus is on developing new and exciting recipes that utilize the ingredients we have available.  That being said, some recipes are so popular that we keep making new versions of them, so keep your eyes open and try to catch them before they’re gone.

What’s on TV at Stonewise?
We usually play music and the main TV shows information about the artists we’re listening to; the future TV in the kids’ area will likely show something our daughter has chosen to watch.  Additionally, as huge Vegas Golden Knights fans, we show as many VGK games as we can.