What is Stonewise?

Stonewise is a small, community-focused craft meadery with a family-friendly taproom coming soon to Pahrump.  We will offer draft meads (and ciders) that are “sessionable” (less than 7% ABV) and are served by the glass straight from our serving tanks.  As Stonewise grows, we will have bottled meads and ciders for off-premise consumption.

OK, but... what's mead?!

Fermenting malt makes beer, fermenting grapes makes wine, and fermenting apples makes cider, but what happens if you ferment honey?  You get a deliciously complex drink known as, you guessed it, mead! 

Likely the oldest alcoholic beverage, mead can be prepared in countless ways but it’s most widely treated like a wine.  Unlike most meaderies, however, we are focused on providing a modern twist to this ancient drink by serving sessionable draft mead from taps, rather than high ABV wine-like, still mead from wine bottles.  Our draft meads are crisp, bubbly, refreshing, sessionable craft beverages that are great alternatives to beer, wine, and cider. 

What makes our product perfect for Southern Nevada, specifically, is that mead is uniquely sustainable in the harsh desert climate.  The production of mead uses less water than other traditional craft beverages and the environmental impact is much smaller because mead’s primary agricultural product, honey, does not require cultivated land.

Additionally, drinking mead helps support the dwindling bee population. How?  We only use top quality, raw and unfiltered honey to produce our mead; as the demand for mead increases so does the demand for good quality honey.  This means local beekeepers will have an alternate revenue stream, allowing them to help their bees not only survive via travel-based pollination services, but to thrive on the natural, drought-resistant foliage of Pahrump!

Great, now I'm thirsty! When can I try some mead?

That’s the question!  We’re in the process of building out our taproom right now, but we must wait for the state and federal government to grant us permission to commercially produce alcohol!  We’ll start fermenting as soon as the licences are granted with the first batches ready to drink just about a month later.  So, be sure to sign up to our mailing list for updates!